Certified Concrete Moisture & Alkalinity Testing

Objective Data-backed Evaluation of Concrete Moisture Issues.

The Basis for Testing.

Documentation is required by all manufacturers or a warranty to be in effect. Testing requires precision to fully understand the best possible course of action – at the specification and pre-installation stage or to correct a deficiency.

Why Choose Intertech Flooring?

If you want to know the truth, and fix it right, we are the company to call. We will provide the facts you need along with strategies for a long-term solution.

Our in-house certified ICRI test engineers use all four non-destructive systems for concrete substrate moisture vapor and alkalinity analysis as part of our protocol. We have successfully performed concrete moisture mitigation on more than 6 million square feet.

There is a high level of diagnostics involved with each project. This is primarily for the customer / end-user in order to provide full wear and warranty life on the installed floor finishes. Our experience has taught that neglecting the state of the substrate can become costly when replacement of floor finishes is required when instead, early, objective analysis would have provided clear and prudent direction.

Why measure slab moisture?

  • Design team specifications require testing.
  • Testing produces due diligence in cases where a problem does occur.
  • Standard specified testing is not the only concern. Many other intangibles can produce catastrophic floor failure.
  • Those who do not test are negligent in the profession of installed flooring and the subsequent understanding of the compound impact of a floor failure.
  • Accurate reporting. Which test? What calibration? What benchmarks and what documentation?