How Consistent
is Your Floor?

Take the guesswork out of remedial costs, survey the substrate.

Accurate Site Condition.

Conservative estimation is the norm where repairs or improvements are necessary. Simply eyeballing subjectively adds untold costs, loads buildings with unnecessary weight, and ties up resources for the repair.

Why Choose Intertech Flooring?

Discovery of real time on-the-ground existing conditions will provide metric considerations to improve existing conditions where warranted. Decisions are made based upon the confidence in the real conditions along with associated economics to correct identified deviations based upon objective data. This will produce accurate and cohesive planning when a correction is practical.

Why is concrete laser measurement important?

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Accuracy

    Increased quality and accuracy has become the expectation. Builders read plans in order to build and legal authorities study them to discover defective application. The economics of potential improvement must be balanced with the sensitivity of desired area of performance and overall budget impact.

  • Customer required

    Decisions are made based upon the expectations of finished work and the actual final work performance. Excellent standards of finished quality are met with a desire for repeat work from the builder in future owner work due to the produced recognition for high standards.

  • Not just numbers but a visual 3D of the accumulated data

    Visual Impact always leaves a lasting impression. Reporting is done visually which leaves little doubt as to the current condition of the slab. This assessment will also predict the outcome of the installed finished floor and its intended use and lifecycle.

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