Uneven Slab?

It's a common problem. We can fix it.

Intertech Commercial Flooring is dramatically changing the commercial flooring landscape by approaching the anatomy of flooring literally from the slab up through the wear surface. Intertech is the exclusive applicator of Laticrete SUPERCAP in the Southwest. This revolutionary self-leveling system saves you time and money – and ensures a floor surface as near perfect as you can get.

What's the Problem?

  • Renovations often create layers of unstable patched substrate – this is not good.
  • Inferior repair methods cause moisture problems – that's not ok.
  • Industry standard spec is 1/4″ over 10ft. – we can do better.
  • A high percentage of slabs is delivered out of spec. – that's not ok.
  • Uneven slabs cause all trades to compensate, which translates into more time and money for building owners – that's not ok.
  • Deflection is a fact – we can correct this.
  • Flooring failures due to moisture can be avoided – we can correct this too.

Why Should You Care?

  • Owners benefit for many years by getting a truly flat and dry floor.
  • Up to 40% cost savings when SUPERCAP is used to cap the slab.
  • Up to 25% reduction in construction time on core and shell schedules.
  • We can pour up to 40,000 sf of self-leveling SUPERCAP in one day.
  • Walk on it in 2 hours, all trades can be back working in 24 hours.
  • One flooring subcontractor responsible for the slab up to the floor covering.
  • One flooring subcontractor with 100% accountability for the entire floor anatomy.
  • ZERO silica dust contamination – no unmixed materials ever enter the building.
  • Ability to cap concrete during the day, in the hottest months due to our unique delivery system. High heat is no longer a scheduling issue.
  • ZERO change order guarantee on floor prep.

What is Laticrete SUPERCAP?

The SUPERCAP System is a time-saving, cost-effective method for finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs. This proven tool provides benefits from the start of concrete placement in Division 3. The system combines a LEED-contributing, GREENGUARD-certified, low-alkali, self-leveling technology (SUPERCAP) with a computer-controlled mobile blending unit (“The Pump Truck”). Using this system, Intertech can cut weeks out of your construction schedule, saving significant costs.

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