Finished Wear Surface
Adhesive or Glue Strip
Self-leveling Cap
SUPERCAP (corrects deflection)
Moisture Vapor Barrier
Concrete Substrate
Pan on Metal Deck

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Beautiful Floors Begin with the Best Prep

& the Most Appropriate Products for the Space.

We look at the entire floor anatomy to ensure that your floor and its substrate is dry, flat and as perfect as you can get.

  • We have an ICRI-certified technician on staff that will test slabs for moisture and alkalinity content, providing you with reliable data to apply moisture barrier tactics where necessary, ensuring proper bonding and adhesion.
  • When the Floor Flatness specification (Ff 35) and the Floor Levelness (Fl 25) are out of spec due to concrete slab deflection, poor sub-contractor workmanship or building settlement, we have the cost-effective answer with our exclusive Laticrete SUPERCAP Self-Leveling System.
  • We know that not all flooring products are compatible or suitable for every application. We only recommend products that are compatible, ensuring that owners' warranties are honored and that wear life is maximized.

Over the past 25 years, we've become excellent at correcting flooring failures due to moisture, alkalinity and deflection issues. But we want our clients to never have to deal with the cost, downtime and frustration of these issues again. That's why we have invested a lot of time and resources into finding a better way. Our revolutionary approach to the entire floor anatomy provides a state-of-the-art complete process that includes the game-changing Laticrete SUPERCAP pump truck that pours 40,000 square feet a day of superior self-leveling slab cap that ensures a flat and dry floor forever.
Bill Imhoff, President & CEO of Intertech Flooring