Raised Access Floors

The Strong, Flexible, Cool and Quiet Type.

No flooring contractor can match Intertech Commercial Flooring’s experience when it comes to raised access flooring.

We first began offering access flooring in 1992, primarily for clean room installations and other high tech facilities in Austin’s booming high tech sector. But access flooring has application far beyond the tech setting, and Intertech saw its potential early on. We have installed more raised access flooring in Texas projects of all kinds than any other flooring company.

If you are considering the benefits of access flooring for your next project, rely on the Intertech experts who’ve installed more access flooring in Texas projects than any other company.

We recently completed a complex casino project where time, budget and construction challenges were higher than normal. David Wood of Intertech Flooring specified and installed the access flooring, he helped us get through several of these challenges by anticipating what we and the other trades were facing and actually got us ahead of schedule. Can’t say enough about the ASM product and David’s teams’ experience and professional work quality. That brings our total to over 350,000 sf for this year with another 110,000 sf scheduled for installation in 2015.
Gordon Sjodin, New Construction Manager Chickasaw Nation Division of Commerce

Why Use Access Flooring?

  • Flexible & adaptable to your changing needs
  • Sustainable
  • Design freedom
  • User comfort and control with underfloor air systems
  • Leveling uneven slab conditions
    (see our SUPERCAP page for a permanent solution to your uneven floors)

Raised access flooring provides flexible and easy access to underfloor air, power, voice and data solutions. Access flooring makes maintenance, rerouting or upgrading of these services possible with little disruption to the work environment.

In addition, modular distribution of power, data and air combined with access flooring can reduce energy consumption, lower building costs and provide employees with more comfortable surroundings. Airflow panels are used to route cooling air from under the floor onto critical equipment. They sit flush with the surrounding raised floor surface, thus eliminating the potential trip hazards often caused by the trim detail on floor registers and grills.