Zero Change Order Guarantee on Floor Prep.

It’s true. When you award Intertech the complete floor prep assignment (from the slab up through installed wear surface), you get a revolutionary Lean Construction process. You also get our exclusive Zero Change Order Guarantee on floor prep.

What does this mean for you and why should you care? It's a fact that problems often arise when multiple subcontrators are responsible for only one part of the flooring construction process. You have testing and analysis, floor prep, purchasing, installation and warranty protection. These are often at odds with one another when the methods and products are incompatible, with no single subcontractor taking responsibility for the complete process. This can lead to conflicts, project delays, potential floor failure and a loss of warranty protection.

We want to take ownership of the complete process from the slab up through the wear surface, offering you a cohesive and compatible solution with 100% accountability and true value.

The Anatomy of an Intertech Floor

Finished Wear Surface
Adhesive or Glue Strip
Self-leveling Cap
SUPERCAP (corrects deflection)
Moisture Vapor Barrier
Concrete Substrate
Pan on Metal Deck

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On many projects additional warranties up to 25 years may be available to the owner.