Leverage science and technology to enhance, protect and renew your floors.

Using our extremely durable coatings to protect and maintain your floors is an environmentally responsible choice for any business. Lower your maintenance costs by eliminating the need for caustic strippers, wax, and water usage while improving the durability and look of your floors.

Provide lasting beauty and protection:

  • Wood Flooring - restore your wood floor with our fast curing UV coating that is as durable as it is fast drying - it cures in just 24 hours.
  • Resilient (VCT/LVT) - drastically reduces maintenance requirements, refreshes and renews your flooring's look and seals the cracks and crevices, creating a homogeneous antimicrobial surface.
  • Tile & Stone - water-resistant sealant that preserves grout colors
  • Polished Concrete - change your floor's look, embed graphics, increase its durability, add color, change the texture and add slip resistance with one treatment. You can also change the level of aggregate shown to achieve the look you want.

High-Performance Polyaspartic Garage Flooring

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The Benefits of Resin & High-Performance Polyaspartic Coatings

  • Reduce maintenance costs. Investing in a proper concrete floor coating can make floors easier to clean, which is beneficial for high-traffic areas. In general, floor coatings may be applied up the base of a wall, allowing for a seamless transition where the wall meets the floor. Especially popular in restrooms and commercial kitchens, resinous flooring offers a sanitary choice, relative to other options such as tile or VCT.
  • Increase durability. Resinous flooring systems may be designed in specific ways to incorporate aggregates, additives and other media to drastically improve overall wearability. Durability will also depend on the type of resinous flooring material that is used within the application. Epoxies, Acrylics, Urethanes, MMAs, and Polyaspartic concrete coatings will all exhibit separate abrasion and impact resistant qualities.
  • Add chemical and stain-resistant features. A full evaluation of all chemicals and materials that may come in contact with the floor should be completed prior to selecting the appropriate concrete floor coating system for your facility.
  • Completely customizable. One of the unique benefits of resinous flooring is the ability to customize the look and finish to any environment.
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