Best Place for Working Parents Designation 2021

What Does It Mean to Be a Great Workplace for Working Parents? 

Supporting our employees is at the very heart of Intertech’s values. So we were honored to learn recently that Intertech Commercial Flooring has been named a 2021 Best Place for Working Parents business in Austin.

Why putting family first is important

The vast majority of employees these days – including those who work at Intertech Flooring – have at least one child at home. The most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics show that in 91.3 percent of families with children, at least one parent is working. In two-thirds of married-couple families with children, both parents are employed.

For many of us, family responsibilities extend far beyond their children. Many workers are caring for aging or ill parents, as well.

That’s why when we talk about what it is like to work at Intertech, the first thing we tell prospective new hires is that at Intertech, family IS important, and our employees’ families become a part of ours.

What exactly is a family-friendly workplace?

Says the Community Toolbox, “A family-friendly workplace is one whose policies make it possible for employees to more easily balance family and work, and to fulfill both their family and work obligations.”

Do family-friendly work cultures matter?

You bet they do. A recent Council of Economic Advisers report found that a third of employees – including nearly 50 percent of working parents – have turned down a job because it conflicted with their family responsibilities.

For us at Intertech, family-friendly means not just a place that encourages work-life balance. It’s also a place where family is a welcome and integral part of our culture. Many employees’ children who took part in our company events 30 years ago as youngsters are now either working for us or are married and raising families of their own now too.

Family-friendly policies are win-win-win, notes the Early Matters Greater Austin Coalition, the organization that recognized Intertech Flooring.  “Research indicates family-friendly workplace practices result in increased productivity, improved loyalty and commitment, and resilient, happier and healthier employees,” it says. “Bottom-line benefits to employers include improved on-boarding, less turnover and lower absenteeism. In addition, family-friendly practices allow your employees to invest in their children – your future workforce.”

We’ve seen the value of family-friendly policies play out in our own company’s progression, as generation after generation contribute to our success.

Did we say “future workforce”?

Intertech Flooring has been an active advocate and promoter of workforce development in Central Texas for decades. While we offer a family-friendly culture because it’s good for our employees and good for us – it also directly supports our passion for supporting the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Family-friendly companies like ours place a premium on workforce training and development that keep their current employees’ skills leading edge, and that open up job opportunities for others. We make training, mentoring and lifelong learning priorities.

Our more experienced team members embrace their roles as mentors not only to our own up-and-coming employees, but also to young project managers at general contracting firms with which we partner. If we can transfer skills and knowledge from our years of experience that help them avoid project issues, which benefits them and us.

What’s it like to work at Intertech?

In 33 years as Central Texas’ leading locally owned commercial flooring company, we’ve built our success around our people – our employees – who are the reason commercial clients return to us, project after project. We are a team of seasoned pros and up and comers, where everyone’s ideas and contributions are valuable. You won’t find layers of bureaucracy or stuffed shirts here. We are professionally casual, where people thrive in an open door environment.

At Intertech, our employees are part of a team that is building the future of Texas – and our compensation and benefits reward that..

Family-friendly policies benefit employers, families, and society. If you are looking for a career home that values you and your family, Intertech Flooring may be the last job you ever look for.

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