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reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections

How can hospitals reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections — and what does flooring have to do with it?

By Bill Imhoff , President & Chief Executive Officer at Intertech Flooring / W.E. Imhoff Inc. The mandate for hospital infection control has never been more pronounced than today. Hospitals are facing unprecedented challenges: treating a pandemic that is highly contagious while providing a safe, infection-free care environment for non-COVID-19 patients, hospital staff and visitors…

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Can the Right Healthcare Flooring Help You Improve Patient Care?

By Bill Imhoff, CEO, Intertech Flooring What to look for when choosing hospital flooring Now more than ever, infection control and patient safety are top of mind concerns for anyone entering a healthcare facility. The choices made for flooring can play a bigger role than you might think. What are the best flooring options for…

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