Natural Beauty to Match Any Style

A timeless choice for elegant floors that stand the test of time, wooden floors never go out of style. 

Hardwood flooring creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. With some basic knowledge of the different types of hardwood flooring available, you can determine which hardwood flooring type best fits the look, feel and function of your commercial space.

Hardwood can have a mind of its own. It shrinks, expands, warps, fades, cracks, and needs an experienced installer who understands its nuances. Many installers avoid it for these reasons.

We love working with wood flooring, installing it, finishing and refinishing it, and basking in its natural long-lasting beauty.


Solid hardwood flooring:
100% natural for a long-lasting look

Solid hardwood is made from 100% natural material and comes in one solid piece of wood. Solid hardwood flooring can be produced from a wide selection of species, including oak, cherry, hickory, maple, birch and more.

Some businesses opt for a solid hardwood floor because this flooring type can be sanded and refinished multiple times, preserving the look and investment of your floor.

However, solid hardwood can expand or contract due to changes in moisture or humidity. As such, businesses should avoid installing solid hardwood in areas that are susceptible to these types of conditions.

Engineered hardwood flooring:
Get stability and installation flexibility

Unlike solid hardwood, engineered hardwood is made up of multiple layers of wood, which can be made from the same or from different wood species. Because the grain of each wood layer runs in different directions, engineered hardwood is less susceptible to shrinkage or expansion due to heat or moisture changes.

Engineered hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished to maintain its appearance, but less often than solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood is one of the most common flooring options as it can be relatively easy to install and can be placed over many different types of subfloors.

Unfinished vs. prefinished hardwood flooring

All hardwood flooring requires a finish, which gives it a protective top-coat while also providing shine and highlighting the beauty of the hardwood.

Commercial hardwood flooring types come either unfinished or finished. Unfinished hardwood flooring means that the factory provides the flooring as is and a finish, along with sanding and staining, is applied onsite during the installation process. As such, unfinished hardwood flooring will take longer to install, though it does have the advantage of being custom stained to match an interior space.

With prefinished hardwood flooring, different finish options also may be available to match the conditions of your business’ interior. This includes polyurethane; oil-based urethane; water-based urethane; and natural varnishes, lacquers, shellacs and UV coating. Our UV coating cuts the drying time from days to hours, with a finish that lasts four times longer than traditional finish options.

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