Innovative Concrete Solutions

for the Most Challenging Installations.

A high-performing and beautiful commercial floor requires a detailed knowledge of the entire floor anatomy because every substrate is unique. Off-the-shelf strategies may not deliver satisfactory results in every situation. Those projects require further scrutiny to identify successful tactics to solve the problem the first time. Our experience has shown that this proactive approach saves time and money for the best long-term results.

7 Reasons to Turn to Intertech Flooring
for Your Concrete Solutions


    A superior high-volume delivery system that caps concrete substrate at a remarkably fast pace, delivering a balance of significant cost and time savings. Using SUPERCAP results in a halo effect on all other trades, contributing to a shorter construction schedule. Truly a LEAN Construction tool.


    If you want to know the truth, and fix it right, we are the company to call. We will provide the facts you need along with strategies for long-term solutions.

    Our in-house certified ICRI test engineers use all four non-destructive systems for concrete substrate moisture vapor and alkalinity analysis as part of our protocol. We have successfully performed concrete moisture mitigation on more than 6 million square feet.

    One of our goals is qualifying our clients to receive the longest warranties presently offered in the industry.

  • SUBSTRATE VARIABLES – Best practice surface preparation considerations

    • Cast-in-place vs. pan-on-metal deck
    • Newly poured vs. existing surface
    • Noise and air turnover protocols during installation
    • Patching, curing compounds and adhesive contamination
    • Vapor barrier/retarder predictability or lack thereof
    • Sensitivity to minor deflection – is it important?
    • Approaches to address retrofit renovations
    • Surface history and prior finish insight on existing surfaces
    • Floor finish primary usage considerations

    • Epoxy, urethane, polyaspartic, urethane concrete, chemical resistant, and electrostatic dissipative and conductive systems
    • Broadcast and flake applied systems for unique looks
    • Coefficient of slip resistance for foot traffic
    • Vehicular and splash/spill demands for the surface

    A finish process commonly is opted for when low maintenance with an abundance of architecturally natural aesthetics dovetail well as stand-alone or with a stone based interior. Colors are also available in the form of concrete stains typically in the earth tones with some vivid coloring when applied with light colored self-leveling wear surface materials. Analysis of both the existing surface and the final desired aesthetics must be established through specifications that take into account objective sustainable polish surface results. Consult with us on the specifications to drive success.


    Accurate cut-fill profiles with hard point considerations are an absolute requisite when faced with substrate deviations in especially sensitive areas. Relying on objective information rather than subjective visual interpretation can have significant impact in decision-making and overall economics when quality is essential and budgets are on the bubble. Place decisions into the hands of superior equipment and data analysis for real time examination of the existing conditions and the economics to change them if necessary.


    We create CPM schedules that produce tight installation turn-around through evenings, weekends, or holidays, limiting disruption and downtime to facility operations – including working in high-security, privacy-sensitive facilities.

    When it comes to commercial flooring expertise, Intertech has earned its reputation for being highly collaborative, solving problems and infusing integrity in all aspects of our business and relationships.

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