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Intertech’s SUPERCAP Transforms Dollar Tree Store Floors

Experts in concrete flooring challenges By Gilbert Garza, Project Manager and Grant Imhoff, Project Coordinator We all know that 2020 brought its share of challenges, but challenges are something that we at Intertech are very accustomed to overcoming. One of the challenges we often encounter at Intertech is uneven subfloors, and last year was no…

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Intertech Flooring Provides Official NASCAR Garage Floors

Intertech Flooring Provides Official NASCAR Garage Floors At Texas Motor Speedway® Jan. 3, 2017, Dallas, TX— Intertech Commercial Flooring, the exclusive provider of the LATICRETE® SUPERCAP System of self-leveling underlayments and commercial flooring products in the Southwest, unveiled another state-of-the-art flooring project with the opening this fall of the renovated Official NASCAR  garage space at…

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Commercial Flooring Installation Contractors in Texas

What’s the Answer to Overnight Concrete Pours?

There’s been no shortage of chatter in the Austin press over downtown construction concrete pours recently. As high-rise residences proliferate across the Central Business District, residents are frustrated with noisy and bright overnight concrete pours at neighboring construction sites. Yet, daytime concrete pours on these large projects add to downtown’s already heavy congestion and create…

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Doing Things Right the First Time – Part One

Consider this typical – and all-too-frequent — scenario: A local high school installs new flooring in its gym. Less than two years later, the new gym floors are starting to blister. The building contractor and design architect are called in to assess the problem, and soon, all eyes turn to the flooring contractor. The manufacturer…

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The One Step You Don’t Want to Skip – Part Two

When the Intertech concrete solutions team is called to assess flooring failure due to moisture, we often find it occurred following either poorly run testing – or worse yet, no testing at all – prior to installation. The fact is, in today’s high-cost, low-margin construction economy, it simply is not enough that flooring contractors are…

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Cleaning Up Others’ Messes – Part Three

Our concrete specialists are often called upon to fix others’ mistakes in dealing with moisture issues. And while there have been a few instances where we declined the request – recognized alkali–silica reaction (ASR) and suspected concrete contamination, to name a couple – we actually thrive on the challenge of resolving difficult problems. When it…

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Time-Saving Technology

The Most Important Time-Saving Technology in Construction – We have it. It is true – as the exclusive provider of Latricrete SUPERCAP in Texas, Intertech Flooring is revolutionizing the way concrete floors are poured. By combining the power of the pump with the next generation of self-leveling materials, Intertech’s SUPERCAP is delivering proven performance and…

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The Value of Doing it Right the First Time

Concrete moisture problems are expensive and all too common in commercial projects. Having the right expertise on board to avoid problems in the first place, and mitigate them when they do arise, is critical. That’s why Intertech Flooring is so excited to expand its line of flooring services to clients, with its new Concrete Surface Analysis…

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