Raised access flooring gives you easy access to underfloor air, power, voice and data solutions.

With raised access flooring in place, maintenance, rerouting or upgrading your workplace’s essential services becomes easier than ever - with as little disruption to the work environment as possible.

Raised access flooring has come a long way from being hidden away in large server rooms and network operations centers.

Modern workplaces have modern technology - which means more cables and data lines than ever before. This flooring type keeps electrical, data and phone lines neatly contained, but still accessible for underfloor air delivery systems, maintenance and reconfiguring.

Benefits of using raised access flooring

  • Complete flexibility & adaptability with minimal disruption to your team
  • Reduced energy consumption with improved ongoing energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly: low VOCs, recycled content and minimal adhesives used
  • Freedom with design and layout options
  • Increased employee comfort
  • Reduced trip hazards
  • Uneven slab conditions are no longer an issue
  • Reclaimed ceiling space free from cables and pipes

Raised access flooring provides flexible and easy access to underfloor air, power, voice and data solutions. Access flooring makes maintenance, rerouting or upgrading of these services possible with little disruption to the work environment.

With raised access flooring, you get a floor that delivers everything you need, no compromises.

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