CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital

San Antonio, TX

General Contractor: Bartlett Cocke
Square Footage: 270,000 sf


This 12 story, approx. 100 year old hospital was in a partial renovation. Lower and adjacent floors were occupied. The GC had completed the demo but had deemed traditional slab cap methods to be too slow and too disruptive to the occupied space.

Large pre-existing bathroom insets had to be filled prior to leveling the floor. The demolition had created numerous through floor holes where self-leveling would seek the path of least resistance and find its way to other floors. The slab was in poor condition with extensive cracking.

Speed was important as the GC’s schedule was falling behind and they needed a fast, competent solution.

Intertech has 26 years experience in building floors that meet the demands that Healthcare Facilities require. Additional Projects Include:

  • Parkland Hospital – Dallas TX
  • Dell Children’s Hospital – Austin TX
  • Marks Medical Center – LaGrange TX


The GC needed dry, flat floors fast. SUPERCAP was the ideal solution. Intertech tested the slab above grade for moisture & alkalinity and the test results showed that a moisture barrier was not necessary.

The old bathroom insets needed to be filled first. All through-floor holes and cracks were filled to prevent leakage. The cracks were vacuumed of demo-debris and pre-filled to ensure a smooth end result.

As each floor was capped, 24 hours later, the appropriate trades were able to follow the SUPERCAP crew. This scenario was replicated on each floor, allowing the GC to catch up on their weekly schedule and turn over each floor to the owner as originally planned.

Intertech was awarded the purchase and installation of all the wear-surfaces as well.