Intertech Constantly Moving Forward

I once had a boss who told me, “You are either moving forward or backward, you are never standing still.” That is not a bad way to think about your business, or your life, for that matter.

Since founding Intertech Flooring in 1988, I’ve often thought back on that advice I received as a young professional. I’m proud that over the years,we have kept focus on moving forward in new ways that help us better serve our clients.

We began Intertech Flooring in 1988, the product of a failed Texas enterprise in the depressed years of the late 1980s. Within three years, we had established an apprenticeship program that became one of the most comprehensive programs in the country. We added access flooring to our product mix to meet the needs, initially, of the booming high-tech market – but soon saw its value for many other commercial endeavors. We expanded maintenance services, and became one of the few flooring companies in the nation with a LEED accredited flooring professional on staff.

Over the years, we have added new locations to bring Intertech closer to the needs of commercial clients in this region. We’ve acquired businesses that enabled us to expand product and service lines – like The Invironmentalists (formerly DuPont Flooring Systems) and Dallas’ RWA Flooring Associates. Most recently, we dramatically expanded our capabilities and focus with the addition of our Latricrete SUPERCAP concrete leveling services and deliver industry-leading expertise in concrete moisture mitigation.

No doubt, Intertech – like your business – will continue to evolve and morph to meet changing marketing demands and new opportunities. My team and I aren’t good at standing still; our focus will always be on constantly moving forward to be the most valued and trusted resource for your commercial flooring needs. Let me know how the Intertech team and I can better meet your needs.

Willard “Bill” E. Imhoff III
President and CEO

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