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Best floors for senior living facilities

What’s the Best Flooring for Senior Living Facilities?

By Bill Imhoff The aging of America is creating an increasing need for senior living housing options. It’s estimated that about one million Americans already live in some type of senior living community. The CDC expects that over a fifth of the population in the United States will soon be 65 years or older, compared to only…

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What’s the Best Flooring for Restaurants?

By Bill Imhoff When NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt made a stop in Austin this fall, Austin’s restaurant scene was among his shoutouts. In what he called “one of America’s biggest boomtowns,” it’s not just tech, or Tesla, or live music that draw people here. Austin’s culinary scene offers something for every foodie. During…

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Pets in office

Pets in the Office?

Here’s What to Consider in Flooring By Bill Imhoff As workers begin returning to the office workplace, making that transition after months of working from home will be an adjustment for many. After all, we’ve become accustomed to working with our beloved four-legged family members by our side. “Leaving behind your pet who has been…

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Water damage from freeze?

How to save your floors Water damage can occur unexpectedly at any time … a winter freeze that burst pipes, a plumbing malfunction that floods offices, roof and window leaks from Austin’s sporadic rainstorms. Water-damaged floors cause costly work disruptions or stoppage and can create long-term repercussions if moisture mitigation isn’t handled promptly and professionally.…

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National Adoption Month

What We Are Thankful for This Month

By Bill Imhoff Soon, most of us will gather around our tables – either in person or virtually – to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for me is about much more than just overeating and watching football. It’s a time to really think on the things that are most important in life, and the things that I…

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Expert Commercial Flooring Installation

Four things to look for when hiring a commercial flooring contractor

By Bill Imhoff, President & Chief Executive Officer at Intertech Flooring / W.E. Imhoff Inc. Choosing a commercial flooring contractor for your next project can be daunting. There are dozens of contractors who will say they can do your work, but can they really? Making a wise, well-informed choice about who installs your floors is…

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Getting back to work: Preparing your post-COVID office space

By Bill Imhoff, President & Chief Executive Officer at Intertech Flooring / W.E. Imhoff Inc. Businesses and many employees are ready to get back to the workplace. But a safe return to public workspaces will require attention to many facets of the working environment. Your building’s flooring should be among the things considered. Here are…

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Covid-19 business update

Yes, we are open – Covid-19 Update

April 7, 2020 To our valued customers and partners, I’m sure that you, like I, have received dozens of emails from vendors in recent days regarding their COVID-19 business plans. While it may seem repetitive to say, I want to assure you that the health and safety of our associates is and always has been…

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Construction workforce

Workforce Development: We’re All in This Together

By Bill Imhoff One doesn’t have to look far in Texas cities to see evidence of a construction boom. The skylines are dotted with cranes, and construction trucks are everywhere. But the shortage of skilled tradespeople is taking its toll. In a recent Urban Land Institute conference in Austin, construction law specialist Joe Basham said…

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Commercial Flooring Installation Contractors in Texas

Developing Austin’s Workforce with the Help of a Good Friend

By Bill Imhoff If you‘ve ever been in the job market in Austin, or been in the market for hiring a great employee, there’s one person you really should say a thank you to even if you’ve never met. That’s Alan Miller, who announced last week that he’s soon to retire from his job as…

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