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What’s the Answer to Overnight Concrete Pours?

There’s been no shortage of chatter in the Austin press over downtown construction concrete pours recently. As high-rise residences proliferate across the Central Business District, residents are frustrated with noisy and bright overnight concrete pours at neighboring construction sites. Yet, daytime concrete pours on these large projects add to downtown’s already heavy congestion and create safety hazards for workers handling lengthy pours in the heat of the day.

Since as far back as last fall, downtown residents and developers have been sparring with city staffers over ordinances that dictate when developers can pour concrete. In mid-June, the Austin Monitor noted that a city council advisory group working on the issue “ has not been able to come to a consensus on a solution that addresses issues related to worker safety, congestion and the concrete-pouring process that arise as a result of daytime pours and the sound and light pollution that are associated with nighttime pours.”

The previous ordinance expired in March. The Austin Business Journal reported in May that a temporary ordinance now prohibits pours between 2 a.m and 6 a.m. In that article, Associated General Contractors of America-Austin President Phil Thoden said curbing overnight pours permanently will have a “deleterious effect… creating increased traffic congestion and safety hazards for residents, and longer construction periods and higher costs for developers and companies.”

The fact is, approaching concrete pours on commercial projects in today’s environment demands a completely different approach. Speed and precision are the solution, and both are being proven through Intertech Flooring’s Laticrete SUPERCAP Solution. Since becoming the exclusive SUPERCAP applicator in Texas last year, we’ve poured more than 3,000,000 square feet of self-leveling concrete through this game-changing approach – in record time, at less cost and with minimal noise and impact to neighboring buildings.

Our clients are cutting their self-leveling concrete pours from weeks to days on their jobs by using Intertech’s innovative technology. Instead of tying up streets and sidewalks with multiple massive concrete mixers, we are achieving pours across multiple floors of high-rise construction with a single SUPERCAP pump truck and a staging area no bigger than 20×60 feet.

“Intertech can do 30,000 feet in a day, and have trades back on it the next day,” says Mike Layton, general superintendent with Layton Construction in San Antonio, who used the system on San Antonio’s University Health System’s new tower project.

If you are seeking a fast, efficient, high quality solution that will speed your project and lower your construction costs, take a look at Intertech’s Laticrete SUPERCAP Solution. It’s a game changer.

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