Intertech Partnership Creates Award-Winning Dream Team

Any of our customers who have had the opportunity to work with our Austin-based design consultant, Monica Lenahan, know what an asset she is to their projects.  But, combine Monica’s expertise with that of Elizabeth Clarke, with J+J Flooring, and you get a flooring professional’s dream team.

So much so, that their exceptional collaborative work was recognized nationally in February when they were named one of three winners competing for Starnet’s 2020 Dream Team.

Exceptional Product Knowledge, Unmatched Customer Service

What makes them so valuable to general contractors?  Monica brings to the team a vast knowledge of products. Combined with her years of experience working with general contractors, she has a keen awareness of product options available in the market, and what will work for project specifications. Elizabeth brings deep technical knowledge from years of practicing Interior Design in the local market. Together, the team is a force to be reckoned with. This dynamic duo consistently knocks it out of the park when working with customers start to finish.

In 2019, the Elizabeth-Monica dream team increased collaborative installations year-over-year by an incredible 147 percent. Yes, you read that right!

Finding Solutions to Unexpected Flooring Challenges

Their teamwork on the Amherst, LLC finish out is a great example of the value they bring to customers. Just as the Amherst project launched, the company added 25 new employees, necessitating changes to the project scope. The additional mechanical improvements to accommodate the new employees called for budget reduction in other areas. As a result, the flooring budget was reduced and a new selection needed to be approximately $7 less per square yard and needed to be a quick ship product.

Monica referred to the original spec for color and pattern before selecting alternates. She immediately knew that one of the J + J’s collections would be perfect! The color selected by the decision making team at Amherst was not part of the quick ship program. Regardless, the client wanted to take a chance on the later delivery date. Elizabeth kept the project within sight and checked frequently with the mill for production status. She was able to get an improvement on the delivery date, and the materials were installed right on time. The office finish out is stunning and the vibrant colors and pattern complement beautifully the lake views from the suite and the overall design aesthetic of both floors.

Flooring Problem Solving on a Fast Track

When a research center affiliated with a local university needed to update 15-year-old and aging installation, Monica and Elizabeth again had the solution. The auditorium-style meeting room was pie-shaped with a sloped floor.  The originally installed carpet tiles had shifted forward resulting in small gaps between some of the tiles.

The Intertech dream team proposed a broadloom with moisture-proof backing that would withstand aggressive cleaning and added stability.  The team knew that any selections offered needed to have enough pattern to mask evidence of heavy foot traffic and occasional food and beverage stains. The customer approved their recommendation for a product.

Keeping in mind the shape of the room, the experience and expertise of Intertech’s installers was invaluable. Monica and Elizabeth collaborated with the installation team lead, who devised an installation that began just beyond the entrance to the center and continued throughout, beautifully. They managed the complicated and fast-track logistics needed to have the flooring product shipped two days earlier than anticipated, so that the installation could be completed over the winter holidays, and ahead of the furniture installation.

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