9 Things I’ve Learned About Leadership

I was honored recently to be asked for my thoughts on leadership, by a graduate student in the Executive MBA program at the Red McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas. Probably like most of you, I’m busy most days doing the very best I can to lead – and that leaves little time to sit and ponder what makes good leadership. So, I welcomed the chance to take some time and really consider what it takes to lead a dynamic, growing business especially in challenging economic times. So, what advice did I share with that grad student?

  1. LISTEN!
  2. Always move more quickly than you think you should. Address issues right away.
  3. Always be honest and fair.
  4. Surround yourself with people who are willing to challenge your ideas; others’ input is valuable.
  5. When hiring, set clear expectations, guide but don’t micromanage, and enable employees to be their best.
  6. Don’t force people into boxes – you may find they don’t actually fit.
  7. Always give credit where credit is due.
  8. Keep it light and have fun.
  9. Make ethics the most important part of your culture.

Over our history, we have strived to stay true to those underlying strategies for leadership in our business and in our industry. As we have acquired businesses and expanded, we’ve learned and adopted new approaches to doing good work. While each new office may be somewhat different in culture, the entire Intertech team holds true to what’s helped get us here … an unwavering commitment to ethical business practices; a commitment to training and empowering individuals, thereby enhancing the customer service they deliver to our clients; and a desire to be agile and forward-moving to stay ahead of market needs.

I share the leadership responsibility with my 150-plus Intertech teammates. Together, we have had a unique opportunity to provide leadership in the commercial flooring industry that has set precedents for things like apprenticeship programs, green flooring solutions, environmentally friendly maintenance services, concrete solutions and in-house design consultation services. Most importantly, we’ve had the privilege of forging longstanding relationships with other industry leaders who are proud to call clients. It continues to be our honor to know and work with you, our clients, partners and friends.

Willard “Bill” E. Imhoff III
President and CEO

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