Valuable Support Resources for Designers

As project costs are chiseled down, schedules are tightened and end-users are more demanding on the performance of flooring products, Intertech Commercial Flooring is able to bring expertise that provides tremendous benefits through the use of our three professional design consultants.

From working with architects and interior designers as early as the schematic design phase of projects all the way through construction, our design consulting team brings value to a project unlike many of our competitors. At no cost to the project or end-user, Intertech employs full-time flooring design and product experts in our Dallas, Austin and San Antonio offices who are resources by way of their professional accreditations, training, and product knowledge.

With the ability to offer product suggestions, present CEUs, provide LEED assistance and aid with budgeting, these professionals are a resource to streamline the process for designers, end-users and general contractors.

Working as an interior designer for almost 10 years, I understand how much time and energy goes into making product selections. One of my goals in working with A&D firms is to help the designers see their solution come to fruition and avoid what commonly occurs throughout the design process, as value engineering is considered, schedules drive reselections and products are discontinued. By working together up front to understand the budget, design intent and any complicated design conditions, we can help assist designers in solutions that not only are the best fit for their project, but also meet installation and budget requirements. By being involved up front, we can help ensure that the design and products priced out early on are carried through to installation and that the materials and ordered in a timely manner to avoid reselections due to lead times. Additionally, if we understand the design intent, we can propose an alternate that fits the designer’s expectation if a product becomes discontinued.

Because Intertech purchases and installs all manufacturers’ products, we are able to make recommendations to designers that are unbiased and truly fit the needs of a particular project, whether driven by aesthetics, cost or performance. As we see design libraries in firms continue to shrink, designers may be limited in their selections because of what is on their shelves or on the Internet. Intertech’s product consultants are able to make recommendations from our full showroom of product catalogs and samples from each manufacturer.

The product consultants at Intertech are available as a resource to be at the forefront of product offerings and make these available to designers by way of bringing books to them or them coming into one of our showrooms. Though many projects go through an architectural firm, many others occur directly with the end-user. Our product consultants bring a critical level of expertise in making recommendations appropriate for the owner’s needs. We help bridge the gap between architects, designers and installers. Your local product consultant can aid in facilitating communication to make sure the design is executed in a way that meets all parties’ expectations.

Whether it be product recommendations, LEED assistance, technical or maintenance questions or budgeting, Intertech’s product consultants are ready to serve your project needs.